What We Offer

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Online/In-Person Tutoring

Online tutoring takes place over the internet and involves the tutor/teacher giving instruction in real-time to the student. The requirement for online tutoring is that both the tutor and student have an internet connection with sufficient bandwidth, and a device that can receive or deliver the online lesson using the Zoom platform. This technology allows for tutoring sessions to take place in different time zones, across different states, in different spaces, different locations, and even different continents.

One on one (face to face) with a tutor who will meet with the student at a local library or coffee shop.  In-home tutoring will be offered on a case by case basis.

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More and more families are choosing homeschooling as their preferred way to educate their children. This option appeals to busy working parents, and parents with special needs children. Each family has individual goals and needs and may require a teacher or well-qualified tutor. In this role, we make sure the student is on task and keeping up with their virtual homeschool curriculum.

We ensure the student understands the subject and we provide individual instruction when necessary. The homeschooling solution by a teacher or well-qualified tutor, removes the burden from parents and improves the education of their student. Parents also have the option to occasionally utilize our services for certain subjects to round out the educational experience. It is important for younger students to have some in-person teaching interaction.

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Tips for a smooth Online/Remote Tutoring Session


Gather your equipment

– Computer/Laptop that is connected to the internet

– Webcam – either external or built into your computer

– Zoom – download app here, if necessary

– We recommend headphones, but they are not required


Choose a location that

– Has a strong internet connection, the closer to your home’s internet router, the stronger the signal

– Is quiet

– Is well lit so that your face can be clearly seen

– Has a large enough surface for writing or opening a textbook

– Can be used during every tutoring session


At the time of your session

– Ensure your laptop is 100% charged

– Close all open windows and applications on your computer

– If your internet connection is weak, disconnect other devices (phones, tablets, etc.) from the internet.

– Turn off notifications on your cell phone, computer and other devices


If you have trouble

– Call or text your tutor

– Complete all the items in Step 3

– Check Zoom for updates

– Try restarting your computer

– If your internet connection is not working, your tutor may ask you to complete the session without the video. You may be asked to use another platform such as FaceTime or Google Meet.

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